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My newsletter content is shifting to my blog


Itís shifting because Iím no longer publishing the newsletter.

I regret this inconvenience and unexpected result when you landed here. Itís just that updates to the website are not yet completed. Otherwise we would have deleted the box/button you clicked on to get here. Also thereís currently NO bonus report for subscribing to the blog either. I hope youíre not too disappointed.

Now for the good news

By subscribing to my blog youíll get one email a week with insights on nonprofit copywriting, marketing for nonprofits, and more. This is the SAME content you would have gotten in the newsletter, only sooner. You wonít miss anything.


I publish a post each Wednesday and youíll receive an email that same day with the article. Occasionally I publish twice a week, or have a special announcement go out to subscribers.

Oh, and your privacy is safe. I donít share my list and you can easily unsubscribe at anytime.

Thank you for subscribing. And if you ever have have a question you would like me to answer . . . or you have a topic you would like me cover in a blog post, just send me an email and Iíll take care of it.


Call anytime and we’ll chat about your needs: 866-640-7270 (toll free)
I look forward to helping you prosper.

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